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Gauze Striped Curtain

Gauze - not just a wound dressing. It was woven in many forms as recorded from the early inventories of the 1600s. Gauze curtaining was often woven plain, striped or flowered. Another lesser known fact: thin, sheer window curtains that were usually hung under draperies were called "glass curtains".

Approximate Lengths:
Panel 24" x 45"
Panel 24" x 63"
Panel 24" x 84"

These curtains are sold at loom state and will arrive with an additional 9" in length. They must be laundered to achieve the lengths printed above, but may be used at loom state.

Colors: Antique White, Linen or Tan

machine wash: cold. dry: medium.

Panels are sold in pairs.
Set of 2 - 45", $26.00
Set of 2 - 63", $33.00
Set of 2 - 84", $42.00

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